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Keendirect is an  IT product and services company focused at  being useful for Small and Medium Business. You work hard for your business and we believe that we should work hard too to bring value to your business.

 We list products and services that will increase productivity and value to your business. We do not try to be cheapest provider of  IT products and services, because such decisions lead to financial waste in the end. We also provide consulting and Engineering Services.

 We are actively seeking RFP/TENDER/Quotation opportunity from your organization and would like to be listed as a potential supplier of IT products and services.

 In every organization, there are people who understand technology. And people who are technology allergic,  And yet, heads of IT face the daunting problem of ever more people to support and ever more complex networks to manage—with the simultaneous pressure to reduce costs and cut headcount.

  This is where KEENDIRECT  comes in. We’ve been helping people who get IT in large and small organizations to get not just the most, but the best from their technology investments for more than 31 years. KEENDIRECT delivers proven solutions across North America every single day—advice, support, ideas, technology, and the experience of thousands of experts. We’ve got a solution or service for you, and we do it effectively every time.

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